All new corianL75

A new Lencohell L75 is here. This is all corian plinth and stainless chassis. Those material together bring the L75 to really new class. The result is really fulfilling. The stage image is firmly just behind the speaker very solid,and deep, relaxed with lots of micro and macrodinamics, timing is great. Resolution, as a very good belt turntable,  powerful presence  as the best transcription table.





The plinth is made of 5 panels of 12mm. black corian. Above them the 4mm. stainless turntable chassis and another corian panel is the top. The added mass  and stainless stiffness  bring down vibration and noise from the Lenco. It is about 25kg. turntable.






To add more isolation to the transmission wheel we added a natural rubber mat coupled with a 12mm. corian mat . This was achieved with the custom production of a stainless spindle extension. This bring to us the possibilty to add at the original Lenco platter whatever you want.


Above the plinth there is our own design Lenco chassis. The design is like the original but on a 4mm. stainless panel. The motor is installed on a separate island. The aim is to improve rigidity and isolation.


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