Introducing LH-4

LH-4 the new corian mat.

Lencohell, mat bianco

This is our new mat. It is a 12mm. thick corian platter , weight is a pretty substantial 1,45Kg. It is usable in any turntable provide it has enough. spindle tip or in conjunction with LH-2 platter with spindle extension. The mat is acoustically dead  but it doesn’t kill dinamics, just the opposite it’s true. It greatly improve the vynil isolation.

We think it is a must for  all those vintage idler wheel beautiful turntable , Garrard, Emt, Thorens, Lenco etc. to eliminate the vibration and noise coming from the drive system.

For corian performance properties:



LH-4 comes in whitIe or black corian.

Lencohell, mat bianco


Here you see the label area closeup with 0,4mm. depression.  See here for references:

Lencohell, mat bianco

LH-4 and LH-2 the perfect combo

If your tip spindle is too short to accept a 12mm. mat don’t worry you can use the LH-2 corian platter and 25mm spindle extension . This will make 24mm. 3kg. solid corian platter  for outstanding isolation and performance.

mat LH-4


mat LH-4


This was our mats shootout: it was pretty and hard work.


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