Lencohell for Garrard

A client succefully tested the Lencohell LH-2 stainless spindle extension and corian platter on his highly modded Garrard 301. The improvment is quite obvious he said.

We have just bought a Garrard 401. Lencohell LH-2 fits perfectly inside the plate border.



We are anxious to make a plinth for it. The LH-2 looks great on it!! Still we don’t know if we go with corian or something else because we like so much our L75 that we don’t if it is a keeper or let it go.



From another customer we had this feedback:

“I’m very happy with your LH-2. In terms of sound, I don’t tend to do A/B testing but the table sounds great, the increases weight is also a benefit and I’m very happy with the quality of the product. The LH-2 really solves the issue I was having with my L75.”



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