The Big one

It was made as a special order from a client. The LH-4/16.

It is a LH-4 with a 16inches , 40mm., diameter.


Here it is how it compare to a 33rpm record and the ordinary LH-2.




It is really Big. Here it is installed in one of our audio system for quality control. It is mounted on early Lencohell turntable. It’s size allow to mount only a 12inch arm.

My collague Roberto  did a listening session with it and he said he liked very much and he is going to make one for himself. It isn’t a night and day difference but a whorty upgrade. He hear an even more rock solid image.


Cerntanly is not easy to implement in every already existent plinth. Anyway  if you have in mind to go for a new plinth take this possibility into consideration.

Of course it must be used with the LH-2 spindle extension. All of original Lenco L75 facilities are warranted.



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