A review from a client.

Hi Giorgio

I am learning to listen again. The platter has changed the dynamic presentation of well loved recordings significantly. There is now very little background noise and the detail within the background is more coherent. Sounds just swell from the background too. Music flows and there is better continuity throughout a track. It makes some difficult music more listenable. Bass initially appears to be lighter but when it is present it really makes itself known. Well recorded drums have real impact. The frequency extremes have been extended and are very clean and fast. No muddle or brightness. Soundstage has expanded in width and depth and the imagery within is more stable. Lots of air. It is now much easier to find a satisfactory listening level and it’s not as loud as before. Great for late night listening. Sadly not all recordings are equal but most benefit and all are enjoyable. So far I have tried a 1mm pigskin mat which I didn’t really care for, though detailed it was a bit lifeless. Might try a thicker one.



Currently I am using an Oyaide BR-12 that I used on the Lenco platter and that is very enjoyable. Familiarity maybe.


I’ve got a 1mm nitrile cork mat that I will try between the LH-2 and a Boston Audio Mat 1 to prevent possible slippage at the interface. I have high hopes for that combination. Though I’m in no hurry as I am really enjoying it right now. I would be interested if there were any other mats you might consider worthy of trying. My arm is a Linn Akito with an Ortofon OM20 cartridge. This feeds the phono input of my Crayon CFA 1.2 which in turn drives my ART Emotion loudspeakers. All in all a nice system. I also have an Aurender N100H and an Auralic Vega for digital playback. Though excellent sounding it’s no match for my analogue source. Oh and sometime I may try it on my Garrard 401 with Audio Origami PU7 and Shelter 501 Mk2.


I listen maninly to jazz and rock with a little classical.


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