LH-2 on a CTC-Classic-301

From a customer  a LH-2 on a great  CTC-Classic-301.

Those are his impression

The spindle replacement arrived a couple of days ago (thank you!), and I’ve just got it fitted and the LH-2 installed. The VTA adjustment on my SME M2 tonearm had to be virtually at its maximum extension to cope with the extra depth – as I knew it would be. Playing the first record with the LH-2 in place (see pictures attached) the sound is very, very good!
Ideally I would like the other platter (LH-4) to go with it, but my arm can’t cope with this. I did have an idea of getting another spacer for the base of the arm, but as the tonearm cables attach to the side of the base, not the bottom, this wouldn’t work as there would be no space for the connection.
I know I will enjoy listening to music with the LH-2!
I send you my best wishes for 2019!
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