Lencohell LH-7 turntable with LH-1 mainboard

If you read the previous article here https://lencohell.wordpress.com/component/lenco-l75-rebirth/ this is the follow up and this is the final look of the L75 Rebirth the “Lencohell LH-7”

It has been a pretty long work but all I can say the result exceed my expectation.

First the look!! I love it, it resemble the original Lenco L75 just for the front mask but it is an all different beast. It is slim, 510mm. wide, 420mm. deep, 52mm. high and a damn heavy 30Kg.

Second the sound. Among the many turntable I have had this is number one! It is so sharp and lifelike that it is addicting. I keep putting vinyl after vinyl but I don’t want go on with qualities because I’m not a disinterested reviewer.

I remain strictly to the fact. It uses all the original Lenco’s mechanics and commands plus few little components custom made. Let’s start with LH-1, a 4mm. stainless mainboard where all components are .

This mainboard has two standalone motor and arm boards.The arm board is designed in a way that it can accept both 9″ and 12″ tonearms by just turning 180° the arm slider.

9″ tonearms
12″ tonearms

The LH-1 with all component installed.

Now the plinth. It is an all corian one. Very heavy and outstanding neutrality

Finally all mounted

Conclusion: it took a lot of work to make the assembling as straight as possible with few extra components. My idea is to make available to people interested the complete turntable, or the LH-1 mainboard and components, or the corian plint.

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