LH-2 Spindle extension with corian platter for Lenco L75.

matt in corian per Lenco

After I tried it in my own and friend systems, I’m offering the stainless spindle extension with 12mm. corian platter. I really think this is a major upgrade to Lenco turntable. The aim is to increase vibration isolation to the motor-wheel and cartridge system. The original Lenco spindle doesn’t permit much mat experimentation because of the limited high. Now the increased spindle extension to 25mm. will let you to use whatever mat and clamp you want. The spindle extension is made of stainless AISI 304 that is screw fixed to the 12mm. corian platter. You can use it straight away on the original Lenco platter or match them, as I strongly suggest,  with a natural rubber mat betwen. The rubber mat , or cork as option,  come together with the extension and platter. Price is €. 130 plus shipping .