Lencohell LH-7 turntable with LH-1 mainboard

If you read the previous article here https://lencohell.wordpress.com/component/lenco-l75-rebirth/ this is the follow up and this is the final look of the L75 Rebirth the “Lencohell LH-7”

It has been a pretty long work but all I can say the result exceed my expectation.

First the look!! I love it, it resemble the original Lenco L75 just for the front mask but it is an all different beast. It is slim, 510mm. wide, 420mm. deep, 52mm. high and a damn heavy 30Kg.

Second the sound. Among the many turntable I have had this is number one! It is so sharp and lifelike that it is addicting. I keep putting vinyl after vinyl but I don’t want go on with qualities because I’m not a disinterested reviewer.

I remain strictly to the fact. It uses all the original Lenco’s mechanics and commands plus few little components custom made. Let’s start with LH-1, a 4mm. stainless mainboard where all components are .

This mainboard has two standalone motor and arm boards.The arm board is designed in a way that it can accept both 9″ and 12″ tonearms by just turning 180° the arm slider.

9″ tonearms
12″ tonearms

The LH-1 with all component installed.

Now the plinth. It is an all corian one. Very heavy and outstanding neutrality

Finally all mounted

Conclusion: it took a lot of work to make the assembling as straight as possible with few extra components. My idea is to make available to people interested the complete turntable, or the LH-1 mainboard and components, or the corian plint.

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LH-33 Lencohell corian clamp

Very proudly we introduce LH-33 clamp. It is an all corian clamp but with some features that they make it to stand out among clamp. We want it in corian because it has been proved the excellent characteristic in audio system

What you see immediately it is the strobo for 33 and 45rpm. This is the 50Hz. version but the 60Hz. is available also. The wheight is 480grams.

What you can’t see from the photo it is that the knob on it can turn and doing that it clang on to the turntable spindle. The vynil is strongly clench to the turntable platter. We want ideal coupling record and turntable.

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Lencohell LH-6 SME type tonearm board made of corian

Hii, I propose to the forum members this new corian product. Based on the great expereince of the corian mat for Lencos, I have made this Sme type tonearm board. It can be in white or black corian. It is 12mm. high.

Italy, Verona, 22/02/2021, Lencohell LH-6 , Lenco, Photo by Giorgio Marchiori
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LH-2 went under few refinements and now we have LH-5 the best looking and more reliable corian platter on the market!

The Lencohell corian platters strongly reduce the motor-wheel and cartridge vibrations of all idler wheel turntable

It is a beautifully finisched corian platter, 313mm. diameter and 12mm. thick, with stainless spindle extension.

 A natural rubber mat is glued on its back for a strong grip with the original  platter.

The increased  platter’s height let you install your arm of choice, VTA isn’t anymore a problem.

It is available in neutral white, grey or black.

This is a major upgrade to Lenco L75/78 or any idler wheel turntable as confirmed by many customers. It is not intended to replace the original platter but sit on it.

“I’ve received it,   I’m testing it right now and sounds gooooood! 

I’m using it on a Lenco B52 and the problem with the motor sound has disappeared,  now it sounds crystal clear. And it looks classy too.  

Thank you for making this great product….”
  The original Lenco spindle doesn’t permit much mat experimentation because of the limited high. Now the increased spindle extension to 25mm. will let you to use whatever mat and clamp you want. The spindle extension is made of stainless AISI 304 that is screw fixed to the 12mm. corian platter. You can use it straight away on the original Lenco or Garrard 401 and 301 platters.

Here is the pure white version
For sure the black too looks great

Just received from a friend:

Hi Giorgio,I have two systems, one is as L78 with 9“Karmadon tonearm. For the L78 I ordered the mat.But yesterday I tried the mat in my main system. A diy turntable with Scheu 80mm Platter and  a paralell airtracking tonearm, at the moment with an Ortofon Spu N, with amazing results. The sound is much cleaner, seems faster. All in all a big step foreward and I think about ordering a second mat within the next few weeks. On top of the Lh-5 I am using a transfi mat.

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2021 it’s coming, Happy new vinyl!!

We have enough of this 2020 !!

We want a 2021 rebirth and going back to kiss everybody we like!!

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The black combo

Finally we got some black corian. We had many request for this and we sre now proud to announce that is available for all of our product.

Those are LH-2 and LH-4:



and this is LH-5:

Lencohell LH-5 nero

Lencohell LH-5 nero

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New product: LH-5

Some customers requested a LH-2 with the inner label recession so here we are: LH-5


a beautifully finisched corian platter with stainless spindle extension, inner label recession and step for vinyl outer border.



Always with the natural rubber mat betwenthe original Lenco platter and the LH-5.


It is available in neutral white  and warm white.

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LH-2 on a CTC-Classic-301

From a customer  a LH-2 on a great  CTC-Classic-301.

Those are his impression

The spindle replacement arrived a couple of days ago (thank you!), and I’ve just got it fitted and the LH-2 installed. The VTA adjustment on my SME M2 tonearm had to be virtually at its maximum extension to cope with the extra depth – as I knew it would be. Playing the first record with the LH-2 in place (see pictures attached) the sound is very, very good!
Ideally I would like the other platter (LH-4) to go with it, but my arm can’t cope with this. I did have an idea of getting another spacer for the base of the arm, but as the tonearm cables attach to the side of the base, not the bottom, this wouldn’t work as there would be no space for the connection.
I know I will enjoy listening to music with the LH-2!
I send you my best wishes for 2019!
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A review from a client.

Hi Giorgio

I am learning to listen again. The platter has changed the dynamic presentation of well loved recordings significantly. There is now very little background noise and the detail within the background is more coherent. Sounds just swell from the background too. Music flows and there is better continuity throughout a track. It makes some difficult music more listenable. Bass initially appears to be lighter but when it is present it really makes itself known. Well recorded drums have real impact. The frequency extremes have been extended and are very clean and fast. No muddle or brightness. Soundstage has expanded in width and depth and the imagery within is more stable. Lots of air. It is now much easier to find a satisfactory listening level and it’s not as loud as before. Great for late night listening. Sadly not all recordings are equal but most benefit and all are enjoyable. So far I have tried a 1mm pigskin mat which I didn’t really care for, though detailed it was a bit lifeless. Might try a thicker one.



Currently I am using an Oyaide BR-12 that I used on the Lenco platter and that is very enjoyable. Familiarity maybe.


I’ve got a 1mm nitrile cork mat that I will try between the LH-2 and a Boston Audio Mat 1 to prevent possible slippage at the interface. I have high hopes for that combination. Though I’m in no hurry as I am really enjoying it right now. I would be interested if there were any other mats you might consider worthy of trying. My arm is a Linn Akito with an Ortofon OM20 cartridge. This feeds the phono input of my Crayon CFA 1.2 which in turn drives my ART Emotion loudspeakers. All in all a nice system. I also have an Aurender N100H and an Auralic Vega for digital playback. Though excellent sounding it’s no match for my analogue source. Oh and sometime I may try it on my Garrard 401 with Audio Origami PU7 and Shelter 501 Mk2.


I listen maninly to jazz and rock with a little classical.


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Lencohell on TNT-AUDIO.COM

We are glad to say that TNT-AUDIO.COM has published a review of Lencohell LH-2 and LH-4 products.

This is the link: https://www.tnt-audio.com/accessories/lencohell_platter_e.html

The reviewer Roger McCuaig made quite a long and accurate investigation about our products. We are very satisfied with his work and we find his review very professional and fair.


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