Lencohell on TNT-AUDIO.COM

We are glad to say that TNT-AUDIO.COM has published a review of Lencohell LH-2 and LH-4 products.

This is the link: https://www.tnt-audio.com/accessories/lencohell_platter_e.html

The reviewer Roger McCuaig made quite a long and accurate investigation about our products. We are very satisfied with his work and we find his review very professional and fair.


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The Big one

It was made as a special order from a client. The LH-4/16.

It is a LH-4 with a 16inches , 40mm., diameter.


Here it is how it compare to a 33rpm record and the ordinary LH-2.




It is really Big. Here it is installed in one of our audio system for quality control. It is mounted on early Lencohell turntable. It’s size allow to mount only a 12inch arm.

My collague Roberto  did a listening session with it and he said he liked very much and he is going to make one for himself. It isn’t a night and day difference but a whorty upgrade. He hear an even more rock solid image.


Cerntanly is not easy to implement in every already existent plinth. Anyway  if you have in mind to go for a new plinth take this possibility into consideration.

Of course it must be used with the LH-2 spindle extension. All of original Lenco L75 facilities are warranted.



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Lencohell for Garrard

A client succefully tested the Lencohell LH-2 stainless spindle extension and corian platter on his highly modded Garrard 301. The improvment is quite obvious he said.

We have just bought a Garrard 401. Lencohell LH-2 fits perfectly inside the plate border.



We are anxious to make a plinth for it. The LH-2 looks great on it!! Still we don’t know if we go with corian or something else because we like so much our L75 that we don’t if it is a keeper or let it go.



From another customer we had this feedback:

“I’m very happy with your LH-2. In terms of sound, I don’t tend to do A/B testing but the table sounds great, the increases weight is also a benefit and I’m very happy with the quality of the product. The LH-2 really solves the issue I was having with my L75.”



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Introducing LH-4

LH-4 the new corian mat.

Lencohell, mat bianco

This is our new mat. It is a 12mm. thick corian platter , weight is a pretty substantial 1,45Kg. It is usable in any turntable provide it has enough. spindle tip or in conjunction with LH-2 platter with spindle extension. The mat is acoustically dead  but it doesn’t kill dinamics, just the opposite it’s true. It greatly improve the vynil isolation.

We think it is a must for  all those vintage idler wheel beautiful turntable , Garrard, Emt, Thorens, Lenco etc. to eliminate the vibration and noise coming from the drive system.

For corian performance properties: http://www.corian.com/IMG/pdf/performance_properties_of_corian.pdf



LH-4 comes in whitIe or black corian.

Lencohell, mat bianco


Here you see the label area closeup with 0,4mm. depression.  See here for references:


Lencohell, mat bianco

LH-4 and LH-2 the perfect combo

If your tip spindle is too short to accept a 12mm. mat don’t worry you can use the LH-2 corian platter and 25mm spindle extension . This will make 24mm. 3kg. solid corian platter  for outstanding isolation and performance.

mat LH-4


mat LH-4


This was our mats shootout: it was pretty and hard work.


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Hell of horns

We love horns audio system. Here are some great horns pictures from fellow photographer Arko Datto from India. The setup look to be quiet troublesome but they must be highly rewarded for sure.

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Listening to “pizza”

We don’t enjoy  only music: even pizza…


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We call it : LH-2

LH-2 is the name of the spindle extension and corian platter. It came out really nice looking but especially it sound great in our Lenco’s.It is available to pubblic. Just go to the component page for details.

matt in corian per LencoCorian platter height is 12mm. This is just the minimun high that can make the all thing work. It is just 0,5mm. higher than the original Lenco spindle extension. This allow the original spindle to be housed in the new spindle extension.

matt in corian per LencoOn the right you see the natural rubber mat that match the original Lenco platter to the new corian platter. The rubber act as vibration absorber and an integral original -corian platter matching.

This is how it looks once mounted in some original L75:

matt in corian per Lenco

and now complete in another one:


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First batch is here

New spindle extension batch just arrived!! They are stainless cnc professional made. They can be mounted in an additional platter 12mm. minimun high. The spindle is fixed to the platter with just four screws. After it is assembled in the 12mm. platter the spindle usefull high is 25mm.


There is a lot of space to mount every mat you want. Now I’m waiting for the corian platter to come.


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All new corianL75

A new Lencohell L75 is here. This is all corian plinth and stainless chassis. Those material together bring the L75 to really new class. The result is really fulfilling. The stage image is firmly just behind the speaker very solid,and deep, relaxed with lots of micro and macrodinamics, timing is great. Resolution, as a very good belt turntable,  powerful presence  as the best transcription table.





The plinth is made of 5 panels of 12mm. black corian. Above them the 4mm. stainless turntable chassis and another corian panel is the top. The added mass  and stainless stiffness  bring down vibration and noise from the Lenco. It is about 25kg. turntable.






To add more isolation to the transmission wheel we added a natural rubber mat coupled with a 12mm. corian mat . This was achieved with the custom production of a stainless spindle extension. This bring to us the possibilty to add at the original Lenco platter whatever you want.


Above the plinth there is our own design Lenco chassis. The design is like the original but on a 4mm. stainless panel. The motor is installed on a separate island. The aim is to improve rigidity and isolation.


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A major upgrade : spindle extension with platter.

Verona, Italy 14/11/2016 mat convegno Photo by Giorgio Marchiori

During various listening session we had evidence of the mat’s importance with the turntable. We didn’t liked the original Lenco rubber mat, it has a kind of dampening effect.



We tried different different mat : lead, leather , cork, latex, shellac. But the spindle height is a strong limitation for different material and thickness.

Verona, Italy 14/11/2016 mat convegno Photo by Giorgio Marchiori

Verona, Italy 14/11/2016 mat convegno Photo by Giorgio Marchiori

Our previous mat

In particular in our previous turntables we really loved the 10 and 25mm. thick graphite mat. But the Lenco’s spindle prevent us to use them. There are available spindle extension but they work only with a second Lenco’s platter. We didn’t like that solution so we looked for a different one.

This is our solution:


We took a 12mm. corian or alluminium platter cnc machined with our own stainless spindle extension.

Verona, Italy 14/11/2016 mat convegno Photo by Giorgio Marchiori

Verona, Italy 14/11/2016 mat convegno Photo by Giorgio Marchiori

The work was pretty difficult due to the  low tollerances needed but when you put the spindle in the extension and than you take it out is clearly audible a pop like you uncork a bootle of wine!!

We installed the new platter, adjusted the VTA then we turned the player on and ….

well we really didn’t expect what we heard. It was a different record player, speed attach, lifelike, resolution all improved in a such a way we diyer didn’t expect in once. Just corian platter over the Lenco platter made such a big difference… we think the reason reside in the better  motor-wheel-cartridge isolation.


Then we went crazy blending different material combination. I ended up with cork, alluminium platter , 10mm.graphite. My fellow is happy with latex and corian platter.

Verona, Italy 14/11/2016 mat convegno Photo by Giorgio Marchiori

Lenco seemed didn’t care about the weight increase, the speed remained perfect as before .

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